IKEA DIY Bushacks im VW California Campingbus

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  1. stephane tuja sagt:

    I like your table extension for california.
    I would have 2 questions to submit:

    – what is the material of the table, and where did you buy or procure this material?
    -what is the thickness of the table?

    thank you.

  2. stephane tuja sagt:

    Hello stefan,

    Yes indeed I have read your blog, regarding the manufacture of the rod.
    In what materials did you make the table?
    In formica or dibond? Or have you found the material?
    Maybe my escape information because I use google translation.
    I am french …. XD.

    thank you.

    • Stefan sagt:

      Hi Stephane,

      „rod“? You’ve lost me on this one 🙂

      For the table:
      „Resopal“ seems to be the same as „formica“ and is being used for the shown table (remainder from a balcony 😉
      Anything from 4mm on will do.
      I’d rather not use any aluminum for it being such a environmental mess, so definitely no dibond here.

      Quick question back – how did you first become aware of my blog? In France?

      All the best and happy driving,

  3. stephane tuja sagt:

    Yo stefan!

    I was talking about a table extension …

    I found your blog via pinterest, I was looking for table rollover.

    I find it hard to get the right materials. … so I have to look for a formica plate of a thickness 4 to 9mn.

    I find your blog very nice!

    thank you.


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